CB Scientific, Inc. Discusses the Potential of Their Proprietary Cardiac Event Monitor, my-Cam, with The Stock Day Podcast

CB Scientific, Inc. Discusses the Potential of Their Proprietary Cardiac Event Monitor, my-Cam, with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – February 23, 2021) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed CB Scientific, Inc. (OTC Pink: CBSC) (“the Company”), a company transitioning to the Ambulatory Remote Cardiac Monitoring market. CEO of the Company, Chip Martin, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Martin shared that the Company began transitioning to the Ambulatory Remote Cardiac Monitoring market in June of last year. “This allows us to deal with the early detection of cardiac heart rhythms in hospitals and with cardiologists and physicians around the world and the efforts to diagnose ECG earlier and decrease the amount of deaths related to heart failure,” shared Martin.

“What is the new direction for the company?” asked Jolly, after commenting on the Company’s proprietary my-Cam cardiac event monitor. “Today, with ambulatory remote cardiac event monitoring, there are actually four modalities that are offered,” explained Martin, before elaborating on these technologies. “Our device is cardiac event monitoring, which is a device that can be worn for up to 30 days,” said Martin. “Instead of recording everything, this device records a snapshot around when a rhythm problem might occur,” he continued. Martin then explained that the snapshot can then be delivered to a physician via the Company’s iOS or Android applications to determine whether or not a cardiac problem occurred.

“The device also has a sophisticated algorithm in it that looks at fast, slow, irregular, and delayed heart rates,” said Martin. “That particular application has evolved into what’s called cardiac event monitoring, which is on the marketplace today, primarily in the US.”

“Our primary focus right now has been on Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and we are also in clinical trials in China for our device today,” said Martin. He then explained that these areas typically suffer from lower diagnostic yields due to a lack of availability for cardiac event monitoring devices. “Our device is rather intriguing there,” he added. “It is approved for use in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore,” said Martin, adding that the Company has already launched in Thailand and is hoping to launch in Malaysia and Singapore in the near future.

“How are you getting your story out and what is your marketing plan?” asked Martin. “WHO says that heart disease, cardiovascular disease, takes the lives of 17.9 million people everywhere, which is 31% of the global population,” said Martin. “They further state that by 2030 that number will go up to 23.6 million people that will die from heart disease,” said Martin. “The cost of heart disease to the US is approximately $219 billion each year,” he added. “This isn’t going away and there is a real demand for early diagnosis and detection of these arrhythmias,” said Martin. “Early detection reduces overall death rates because the heart problems are identified and dealt with proactively. Additionally, early detection is the key to improving the high cost of care and improving the quality of life for patients.”

Jolly then asked about the Company’s goals moving forward. “The point of least resistance is to get these three distributors up and running in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore,” said Martin, before noting delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re just now getting to where Thailand has product, Malaysia will be getting product next month, and Singapore shortly thereafter,” he explained. “We would look for some decent revenues coming out of that area in May or June.”

“We have a definitive purchase agreement with a manufacturer here in the US,” continued Martin. “That is DATRIX LLC. They are now building our next version of the my-Cam, as well as integrating their product with Sirona into our software,” said Martin. “The second piece of that puzzle is for us to complete a definitive purchase agreement with an independent diagnostic testing facility. We’re close to getting that done,” he continued, adding that this will allow the Company to enter the US market. “It’s a growing market. We anticipate that will be in place at the latest by May, as far as having everything in place and owned by us, and then we will be realizing those revenues shortly thereafter.”

To close the interview, Martin elaborated on the Company’s investment potential as they continue to expand into the Ambulatory Remote Cardiac Monitoring market with their proprietary technology.

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